GRUNDTVIG Training Courses Socrates Programme

GRUNDTVIG 1 : GRUNDTVIG Training Courses

Project Title:   Let Me Learn

Duration:  24 Months

Coordinating Institution:  European Unit - University of Malta

Participating Institutions:  Let Me Learn - Malta , University of Malta

Regional Society for the Promotion and the Economic Development of Umbria - Perugia, Italy.

Research Group Gender, Interculturality and Mediterranean Studies - University of Rovira 1 Virgili - Tarragona, Spain.

Municipality of Hradec Kralove - Czech Republic

European Access Network - London, United Kingdom

The Open University of Jesenice - Slovenia

Project Summary
Every learner has an inner voice shouting out "Let Me Learn". This project departs from the idea that learning is an individual process that each and every learner continually goes through. It is easily identified that any adult would not return to formal or informal education if since the early years the education system failed to motivate that individual for lifelong learning. The rationale of this project is the believe that educators can create a listening environment in which they can hear the voice of the learner, understand the learner and be a guide towards the learner's success.

This project is needed for the development of a training course developed upon a model which aims to provide adult educators to work out the way in which learners acquire knowledge. However, this is only the beginning! Learners must then be given the tools to develop strategies to succeed in learning. Thus, we are terming this the Let Me Learn Process. Everyone can learn although not everyone learns in the same ways, using the same patterns of learning, thus educators cannot teach everyone in the same manner. We feel the need to develop a course which highlights the interactivity of our mental processes as expounded in the Interactive Learning Model. An internationally validated instrument - The Learning Combination Inventory - will be used to capture the four interactive learning patterns - Sequence, Precision, Technical and confluence. These tools shall be delivered to trainers and adult learners with the purpose of creating learning environments which truly respect diverse learning patterns, especially those which differ from the trainersí own and which will create awareness and tolerance for them.