In-nies tat-tiben

In-nies tat-tiben and other stories is a bilingual play (Maltese and English), created by students under the auspices of the Theatre Studies Programme at the University of Malta. Six characters, lacking any sense of completion and purpose in life, are trapped and cannot leave the place they are in. The only thing that they can do is change the scene, hoping to turn their mundane existence into something more bearable. To alleviate their boredom, they narrate stories to each other, plot to kill one of the characters, or simply sleep on a chair. Although they are distinct characters, they have one common element: They have all lost the most meaningful object in their life. One of them lost a button; the other, her lipstick. One of them has even misplaced his wife, and cannot find her.  In-Nies tat-tiben becomes the quest that the characters embark on, in order to find their missing objects.

In-Nies tat-tiben and other stories, in collaboration with Koperattiva Kulturali Universitarja, will be performed on the 17 and 18 April at the MITP Theatre, St. Christopher Street, Valletta. For further details or bookings kindly email us on or call on 79892310.