Erasmus Intensive Language Course in Maltese The Rector of the University recently presented certificates to twenty-five  Socrates-Erasmus students from different European Universities who successfully completed an Erasmus Intensive Language Course in Maltese. The course, jointly organised by the European Unit and the International School of English at the University of Malta, was open for students currently following an Erasmus-funded study period at the University of Malta. They were selected on the basis of applications cast to their home University and their home Socrates National Agency in April 2004.

Throughout the five-week course, students were given a beginners introduction to the Maltese language focusing particularly on key words and useful phrases for their everyday life in Malta. They were also introduced to Maltese culture and history through a series of guided tours to Mdina, the three Cities, Hagar Qim, Wied iz-Zurrieq, Mosta, MíXlokk and Taí Qali.

The course attracted the participation of students from various areas of study including languages, science, education, business and law. It has helped them gain a much deeper understanding about Malta, its traditions, history and lifestyle.  These participants are now encouraging fellow-students from their home university to sign up for the next editions of this course.

Applications are currently being received for this yearís second session of the EILC in Maltese. This will start on the 31st January and will be run on the same lines as the first edition for this year. From the number of applications received to date the prospects look good. Indeed, the interest in learning Maltese has increased since Maltaís entry into the EU.

The budget provided to the University of Malta by the European Commission for the organisation of these two courses amounted to 10,149 eur.