Final Year Students' Projects Exhibition 2004 The Final Year Students' Projects Exhibition 2004 will be opened by the Hon. Dr Louis Galea Minister of Education, Youth and Employment on Tuesday, 6 July 2004 at 1900hrs

The exhibition will be open to the public on 7 and 8 July from 1600hrs to 2000hrs at the Computing Building on campus.

The exhibition gives a current picture of the projects and research done by the students in the B.Sc. I.T. course during their fourth and final year of the course. There are a total of 42 projects. These cover a wide range of subjects reflecting also the areas of expertise of the lecturers involved. Each student spends at least six months on studying the background, developing methods and designing the application. The aim of this exhibition is always that of showing local entrepreneurs and potential investors in the IT field the quality of the human resources in this area coming out annually from the University.