Introductory Japanese Course

By the end of this introductory course to the Japanese language and culture, participants will be able to read and write basic sentences as well as communicate orally, besides offering the possibility to obtain foreground knowledge, which could lead to furthering one’s studies in the subject.

This course is strongly recommended to those who have an interest in the subject, either on a professional or a personal level.  

Course Contents:

• An introduction to the Japanese language as well as to old and new Japanese culture.
• Basic communication and greetings.
• The Japanese alphabets (Hiragana, Katakana and some basic Kanji).
• An introduction to Japanese grammar.
• Reading and writing simple phrases and sentences in Japanese.

Programme commences on Tuesday, 12 April 2004 and will run every Tuesday and Thursday over a period of twelve weeks.

For further information and registration please contact Mr CJ Falzon, MUS Short Courses Manager, on 21 34 35 72 or email: