Let Me Learn Programme

Mr. Colin Calleja from the Programme in Teaching for Diversity, Faculty of Education gave a keynote presentation during a symposium organized by Pabo DeEekhorst Hogeschool Drenthe in the Netherlands.  Mr. Calleja's presentation was titled The Let Me Learn Process: Giving Young Learners  an Effective Tool to Learn.  During this symposium other presentations were delivered by Lex Jones from the University of Middlesex University in London, Monica Cerna from the University of Pardubice in the Czech Republic and  Wolfgang Borcharelt from  Studienseminar Osnabrueck in Germany.  All three representatives showed great interest in the Malta Let Me Learn project and discussed ways for further collaboration in the future.

Pabo De Eekhorst Hogeschool in Drenthe Holland has been collaborating with the Department of Primary Education  of the Faculty of Education since 1998.  Both institutions have been exchanging students through the Erasmus exchange programme.  Students coming here come primarily to participate in an awareness training programme in the let me learn process.  Our students on the other hand have the opportunity to participate in courses and teach in a number of Dutch primary schools.