This statistical report provides comprehensive and detailed information about various aspects of the examination, with special emphasis on registrations and results. This information includes an analysis by gender, age and locality; the popularity of the Advanced and Intermediate level subjects; the pass rates and grade distributions for the Matriculation Certificate overall and for each subject individually as well as the general trends over the past seven years.

This report is of interest to students, teachers, parents, researchers and educational policy makers. Especially meaningful are the registration data and the results of the 1985 cohort as they allow one to determine the preferences and performance of the eighteen-year-olds who succeeded in obtaining university entrance qualifications after thirteen years of schooling. This bench mark has implications for educational planning and the economic and social development of our country.

This report is available from the MATSEC Support Unit. Interested persons may contact Dr Grace Grima, the Principal Research and Development Officer at MATSEC, on her email address: