Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies Volume 9 Number 1, 2004 of the Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies has now been published. The contents of the Journal are as follows:
  • Lessons from Albania: professional development that transforms educators, schools, and communities

  •           Bardhyl Musai and James M. Wile
  • Preservice teacher training through action research: the case of a preservice science teacher in change

  •           Maha Al-Qura'n
  • Knowledge as a good in the educational marketplace: the case of the Liverpool University Extension in Israel

  •           Rachel Pasternak
  • Multi-dimensional change process in higher education: a qualitative investigation of organizational change process in a public university in Turkey

  •           Yasar Kondakci & Ali Yildirim
  • Examining interpersonal conflicts among middle school students in Turkey

  •           Abbas Turnuklu
  • Challenges of applying collaborative learning with a sample of Turkish students

  •           Gulsen Bagci Kilic
  • Apprendre la tolérance grâce au texte littéraire: de la compréhension littérale à l'interprétation axiologique

  •           Marc Weisser

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