Mediterranean Journal of Human Rights Mediterranean Journal of Human Rights
Vol. 8, issue 2
Special Edition.
Human Rights & the Forgotten Histories of the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict.

This special issue of the Mediterranean Journal of Human Rights aims to explore the presence of human rights discourse and issues within various histories of the Israeli/Palestinian question. We hope in this way to participate in what can never be an exclusively academic search for new perspectives on this deeply disturbing conflict.
Israeli and Palestinian academics, human rights advocates, and journalists in this issue focus on the interface between history and human rights highlighting the moral and political implications of historiography, while also acknowledging that rights are never purely abstract principles but are created and invoked in specific historical contexts.

Contributions Include,

"The Palestinian Right of Return:  The Unfulfilled
   Human Right ":   Salman H Abu-Sitta

"The Good, The Bad and the Absent:  Contradictory Trends
  In the Treatment of Arabs on Israeli TV ":  Eli Avraham and
   Anat First

"Human Rights Violations in Palestine:  Incentive Structures as
   Causes? ":  Ahmed Badawi and Heike Kratt

Relative Humanity Versus Ethical Consistency in the Application
   Of Human Rights:  Omar Barghouti

ŽBut Where shall I return?Ū Where to?  1948 Palestinian Refugees:
   Land and Return:   Randa Farah

Torture, Assassination and Blackmail:  Violating Human Rights to
   Fight Terror:  Michael L Gross

The Discourse of Oslo:  ŽNeutralityŪ, The Practice of Power and
   Palestinian Children:  Adam Hanieh

The Political Economy of Human Rights in Israel/Palestine:
  Josh Kaplan

The Right of Return Revisited:  Victor Kattan

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