Presentation of books to the University Library Emeritus Prof. V.G. Griffiths, former head of Anatomy and Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine, has generously presented the University Library with a number of historically important classical texts in anatomy and surgery, at a special ceremony presided by University Chancellor Prof. J. Rizzo Naudi and University Rector Prof. R. Ellul Micallef.  Prior to the presentation Prof. Griffiths dwelt on his long medical and academic career, as well as his predecessors and successors in the chairs of anatomy and surgery, and gave interesting details of the classical encyclopaedic texts he was generously passing on to the University Library.  By way of thanks, University Rector paid tribute to Prof. Griffiths whose long and brilliant career stands out so prominently in the annals of our Universityís Medical School.  The presentation was also attended, among others, by Emeritus Professor Frederick Fenech, the University's Director of Library Services, and Heads of Department from the Faculty of Medicine.