REasoning on the WEb with Rules and SEmantics

In the framework of its "6th Framework Programme" the EU Commission has decided to launch a research "Network of Excellence" on "Reasoning on the Web" entitled REWERSE (for REasoning on the WEb with Rules and SEmantics).

The Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence department (CSAI) forms part of this consortium represented by the member of staff Dr. Matthew Montebello.  He is leading and coordinating the research work and development that the CSAI will be contributing to REWERSE.

The objective of REWERSE is to strengthen Europe in the area of reasoning languages for Web systems and applications, especially Semantic Web systems and applications aiming at enriching the current Web with so-called intelligent capabilities for data and service retrieval, composition, and processing. REWERSE's research activities will be devoted to:

- "Rule markup languages" aiming at unified markup and tools for reasoning Web languages

- "Policy specification, composition, and conformance" aiming at user-friendly high-level specifications for complex Web systems

- "Composition and typing" aiming at methods and rules for Software interoperability in the Web context

- "Reasoning-aware querying" aiming at a query and transformation language for the Web with reasoning capabilities

- "Evolution and reactivity" aiming at specifying the evolution of Web-based data repositories

- "Web-based decision support for event, temporal, and geographical data" aiming at enhancing event, temporal, and location reasoning on the Web

- "Towards a Bioinformatics Semantic Web" aiming at adding semantics to the Bioinformatics Web

- "Personalized information systems" aiming at user-adapted Web information and teaching systems

In addition, REWERSE will develop university education and training as well as technology transfer and awareness activities so as to spread excellence within its research field in Europe.

REWERSE involves 27 European research and industry organizations and about 100 computer science researchers and professionals playing key roles in applied reasoning. REWERSE is co-ordinated by the University of Munich (research group of the professors François Bry and Hans Jürgen Ohlbach). The EU Commission will support REWERSE with more than 5 Millions Euro over 4 years. REWERSE will start on March 1st, 2004. REWERSE's activities can be followed at