B.Sc.I.T. Final Year Projects Exhibition Mr Lawrence Zammit, Director, Technology in Education, opened last week's Final Year Projects Exhibition at the University of Malta. Over 40 students, all of whom have just finished the B.Sc.I.T. (Hons) course, welcomed parents and visitors on campus for this annual event. Projects range from system management applications to system modeling, to theoretical measurement techniques. Some were sponsored by Industry, which will surely strengthen links with the world of work, while others reflect the research areas of the lecturers and supervisors. The accompanying booklet provides a permanent record of the hard work that went into these diverse projects what are an important component of the overall class grade obtained by each student. The project is also the flagship that each student carries on her or his first experience as a full-time employee in the Industry.

Through this experience in research a few of the graduates will be enticed to remain in the research arena. In fact, over the past years several of the students went on to gain postgraduate degrees and doctorates from other universities especially in the UK.

Copies of the booklet are available from Ms May Lawrence (Tel: 2340 2530).

Caption: Mr Lawrence Zammit, Director, Technology in Education, and Professor Paul Micallef, Chairman of the Board of Studies for I.T., watch intently while one of the students discusses her project.

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