Public Lecture by Prof J.A Camilleri from La Trobe University Public Lecture, by Prof J.A Camilleri from La Trobe University
'China's Rise as a Major Power'

The Department of International Relations at the University of Malta will be hosting a lecture on 'China's Rise as a Major Power.' The talk will be given by Prof. J.A. Camilleri, PhD (London) an expert in International Relations, from the School of Social Sciences, La Trobe University, Australia.

Professor Camilleri's fields of expertise include Conflict analysis and Peace Research, International Law and International Organization, Security Studies, and The Politics and Foreign Policies of Australia and Asia. Professor Camilleri's publications include; 'Regionalism in the New Asia-Pacific Order: The Political Economy of Asia Pacific', 'Democratising Global Governance', 'Religion and Culture in Asia Pacific: Violence or Healing?' ėThe End of Sovereignty: The Politics of a Shrinking, Fragmenting World,' 'Re-imagining the Future: Towards Democratic Governance'
The lecture will take place on Monday 25th April at 15.00 hrs in the Assembly Hall at the University of Malta. It will be followed by a book presentation. Ms Rita Camilleri from the University of Melbourne will be presenting her book on 'Australian - Malaysian Relations' to Professor Joe Pirotta, Head, Department of International Relations. This will be followed by a short synopsis of the book by the author.