The Commonwealth, Europe and African Development The Foundation for International Studies in collaboration with the Commonwealth Policy Studies Unit (CPSU) will be organizing a one day expert conference on ‘The Commonwealth, Europe and African Development’. The conference will be held on Monday 17 th October, 2005.

The Conference will focus on African priorities and external assistance, the role of the rich countries of the World (G8), and the role of Malta as a bridge between Europe, the Commonwealth and Africa.

High profile personalities from Commonwealth countries will be attending.

The Commonwealth Policy Studies Unit is a think-tank for the Commonwealth of 53 nations based at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London and works with persons and agencies around the Commonwealth. The main aims of the Commonwealth Policy Studies Unit is to identify major policies for the Commonwealth. To conduct research and formulate solutions for policymakers in governments, business and NGO’s. Since 1999, CPSU has focus on the impacts of globalisation and of the Harare Commonwealth Declaration.

Their website can be accessed on

For more information please contact the Conference Unit at the Foundation for International Studies on 21. 234571, or