European Network on Teacher Education Policies Dr Christopher Bezzina from the Faculty of Education has just returned to Malta after attending the European Network on Teacher Education Policies (ENTEP) meeting held in Riga and Jurmala in Latvia held between the 12th and 14th May. Dr Bezzina is Maltaís representative.

Currently the Network is developing a series of discussion papers on important areas within the field of Tertiary education in Europe - the introduction of ECTS, its implementation in member states, and progress made in aligning ECTS with the Bologna Process.

The current state of pre-service, induction and CPD within member states was also discussed. Dr Bezzina presented a paper on Malta's current provision and proposed a model that would help address the current situation which lacks links between the three stages of teacher education and education providers/stakeholders.

Whilst abroad Dr Bezzina gave a keynote address at the Association for Teacher Education in Europe Spring University in Lithuania. He was then invited to run a series of seminars on educational leadership in two Latvian Universities. Whilst at the University of Latvia he was bestowed the title of independent international expert in pedagogy by the Latvian Council of Science for his work with doctoral students.