Eurachem General Assembly and Workshop 2005

Eurachem-Malta 2005

The Eurachem General Assembly and Workshop were recently held in Malta with the theme: Chemical Metrology: Laboratory Measurements and Mediterranean Trade. The Hon. Prime Minister of Malta, Dr Lawrence Gonzi, and the Rector of the University of Malta, Prof. Roger Ellul-Micallef, opened the General Assembly.

The Prime Minister's Address
The Prime Minister commented on the need for correct enforcement of environmental, health and safety directives, which are directly linked to correct measurements. The implementation of directives to protect our citizens through efficient and cost-effective traceability of measurements, are skewed towards new pharmaceuticals, trace pollutants and food mycotoxins. The accreditation of measurement laboratories in Malta is bound to increase as a direct consequence of stringent requirements in food and pharmaceutical measurements being introduced in the European Union. The National Metrology Services ensures confidence in Maltaís measurements capabilities to enhance the competitiveness of local enterprises.

The Rector's Address
The Rector commented on the Eurachem Mission Paper 2005, which has some similar objectives with the Bologna process, in the promotion of harmonisation and quality in European Higher Education. Quality and its achievement imply valid evaluation approaches that are necessarily based on standards, sets of criteria and quantitative methods. The University of Malta sits on the Bologna Follow-up Group, which augments the promotion of quality and harmonisation in European Higher Education. The University has been striving to establish close links with local industry and the world of work in order to improve the employability of our graduates.

The Malta Eurachem General Assembly and Workshop included several topics dealing with Chemical Metrology and Mediterranean Trade, Uncertainty from Sampling, Computer Guidelines, Reference Materials, Bioanalysis, Proficiency testing and Education and Training.
The member countries of the General Assembly include the entire EU member and candidate countries, as well as other European countries and the European Commission. Prof Dr Wolfhard Wegscheider, Rector of the University of Leoben, Austria, is the current Eurachem chair. The Vice Chair is Dr Steve Ellison from the Laboratory of the Government Chemist, London. The Eurachem Secretariat is Dr Peter Fodor from Budapest Corvinus University.
Eurachem is a network of organisations in Europe having the objective of establishing a system for the international traceability of chemical measurements and the promotion of good quality practices. It provides a forum for the discussion of common problems and for developing an informed and considered approach to both technical and policy issues. It provides a focus for analytical chemistry and quality-related issues in Europe. These issues are delivered and demonstrated through several guides and documents related to laboratory quality assurance, proficiency, traceability and validation. These guides and documents may be freely downloaded from the Eurachem web-site at
Dr Peplow re-elected for the Eurachem Executive Committee.
During the elections for the Executive Committee, Maltaís Eurachem member Dr George Peplow was voted for a three-year term together with Prof. Adolf Zschnke, Germanyís Eurachem member. Cyprus and the Czech Republic were voted for a one-year term. Dr Peplow has been a member of the Eurachem Executive Committee since 2002.