Tackling the Surgical Maze : An Introduction to Clinical Methodology Tackling the Surgical Maze : An Introduction to Clinical Methodology

ISBN 99932-672-2-8

'Tackling the Surgical Maze', is mainly directed at medical students passing from the pre-clinical to the clinical phases of their studies as well as the peri-graduands.
Medical practice is intrinsically uncertain, involving probabilistic data, close call decisions and balancing trade-offs.  The book identifies deficiencies in currently used medical methodology and points out alternatives, admitting the limitations of these.  It provides an analysis of clinical reasoning and the available aids to patient management, indicating utilitarian methods of clinical problem solving and decision making.
Clinical practice is inherently uncertain and this may lead to error.  the book analysis the various types of clinical error and adverse effects, proposing preventive and corrective measures.  It also tackles the relative indications and limitations of currently used technology, as well as the problems and benefits of the adoption of new technology into medicine.
Since external clinical evidence and to a lesser extent also pathologies, are in a perpetual stat of flux, the problems of maintaining competence and consuming research evidence is tackled at length.  The book provides guidance through the uncertainty of research results, helping the reader to efficiently evaluate, discard, store and apply the results of research.
This helps the student and clinician to approach, though not to reach absolute certainties, which are unattainable.