Installations on Campus Installations on Campus
Department of Arts and Languages in Education

From 20 May until 10 June 2005, a group of nine, fourth year students studying art at the Faculty of Education will mount an unusual collection of site-specific installations on campus.  These students have been researching different sites around campus for the past three months and producing sketches, photographs and written reflections in preparation for the actual making of their final piece. The scale and nature of the work will be integrated with the chosen site, while media will vary from photography to painting and found objects.  The works will produce new, yet temporary, artistic focal points in a variety of key areas around the canteen, the library, the chapel and other sites within the precincts of the university.  The idea behind the event is dual: it serves as an integral part of the students' final year of study, and it simultaneously offers students and lecturers alike a series of stimulating and original 'conversation pieces'.