Seminars - Literature and Comparison The Faculty of Arts, through the Departments of English and Italian, is inaugurating a series of Staff and Postgraduate Seminars on the theme of 'Literature and Comparison'.

During the seminars, Faculty members can read papers based on research which is currently in preparation or which has already been published or presented at conferences. The aim of these meetings is that of providing a forum in which staffís research in literature can be discussed more broadly within the Faculty while also being offered to a wider audience. A number of postgraduate students whose dissertations have already been submitted to the Faculty will also be invited to present their work at the seminars.

Papers will be focusing on a broad range of themes involving different literary traditions and critical approaches. Approaches which involve the practice of comparative literature are particularly welcome.

Seminars will normally be held once a month on Mondays. Additional sessions may be scheduled from time to time in order to allow for the scheduling of talks by foreign academics visiting the Faculty.

A number of Faculty members have already expressed their interest in the seminars and indicated their wish to participate. Anybody wishing for further information about the seminars or intending to contribute a paper may write to one of the convenors, Dr Ivan Callus or Dr Gloria Lauri-Lucente, on or

The first seminar will be held on Monday 11 April in the Gateway Building, Hall D1 at 6pm. The presenter will be Dr Marina Morbiducci, and the title of her talk is 'Gertrude Stein and Repetition'. Professor Peter Vassallo will introduce Dr Morbiducci, and there will be a discussion after the talk.