Signing of Bilateral Collaboration Agreements between the Universities of Malta and those of Clausthal and Oldenburg The Department of Metallurgy and Materials of the University of Malta and the Institute for Materials Engineering and Technology of the University of Clausthal, Germany have been co-operating for the last fifteen years.  This cooperation involved not only EU projects, such as CRAFT, but also the exchange of academic staff, laboratory personnel and  students. Postgraduate students have carried out projects for Masters and PhD degrees. Groups of students have benefited from cultural and work visits to numerous companies in Lower Saxony. Visiting staff and students were granted unlimited access to plant and equipment.

This cooperation is now being formalized between both Universities.  A similar agreement is being entered into between the University of Malta and the German University of Oldenburg.  Among the areas that have been identified for future co-operation are environmental and sustainable growth issues.  These issues are of direct interest to all three universities.  The Government of Malta, through the Hon. Ninu Zammit, Minister of Resources and Infrastructure, has entered into a contract with CUTEC, the Institute of Clausthal University responsible for research in all matters related to sustainable growth and the environment.  The programme envisages collaborative research in many important fields related to sustainable growth. The objectives of the programme are multidisciplinary in nature and can only be achieved through close collaboration between the three universities and CUTEC. Researchers from various departments / institutions will be needed to provide specific inputs and to work together towards a common objective.

An example of this is the EU proposal submitted recently and involving two departments from the Faculty of Engineering in Malta, the Armed Forces of Malta, Malta International Airport, two departments from the Clausthal University of Technology, CUTEC and a Danish company of repute. This application is concerned with the detection of explosives using laser spectroscopic techniques to identify various explosives within seconds.

from left: Prof. Roger Ellul-Micallef, Prof. Barry L. Mordike, Prof. Maurice Grech, Dr. Barbara Hemkes, Prof. Edmond Brandt, Prof. Bernd Heins, Dr Joseph Mifsud

Prof. Roger Ellul-Micallef signs the Agreement

Prof. Roger Ellul-Micallef with Prof. Edmond Brandt, President, Technical University of Clausthal

Prof. Roger Ellul-Micallef, Rector, University of Malta with Prof. Bernd Heins, representing the President of Oldenburg University

Communications Office
17 June 2005