Malta Medical Journal [Volume 17; issue 2] A new issue of the Malta Medical Journal [Volume 17; issue 2] has been published by the Faculty of Medicine & Surgery. The current editorial reviews the situation and what the Faculty has achieved vis-a-vie medical teaching one year after EU accession; while a guest editorial by Prof. Albert Fenech entitled "Sense and Sensibilities" reviews the inner and outer conflicts experienced by medical practitioners. Clinical articles include papers on the Hepatitis C virus and on the true situation related to the MMR vaccination. Clinical practice articles consider the management of oesophageal carcinoma, transcatheter closure of cardiac septal defects, occupational differences in healthcare, the disordered eruption of central incisor tooth and domestic violence management. Audit papers review the dermatology outpatient service; while a case report deals with swollen limbs and bone pain. The journal also reviews the seminar entitled "Clinical Practice Guidelines". A historical review looks at a pioneer of cardiac surgery - R.G. Favoloro. The journal has been distributed to all medical practitioners registered in Malta and is available on the internet at