A Christian Response to Racism and Irregular Migration Chaplaincy in Dialogue for University Academic Staff

The current situation which our country is facing regarding irregular immigrants has prompted much discussion and debate. The University Chaplaincy is particularly concerned about a growing lack of tolerance towards irregular immigrants amongst both University students and staff. The Chaplaincy is thus dedicating this year’s first Chaplaincy in Dialogue meeting to discuss this issue with Academic staff. It will be held on Friday 11 th November from 19.45hrs till 21.15hrs at the Jesuit Residence - Dar Manwel Magri outside the university gates.

Much of the discussion happening on the island is dominated by fear, possibly fuelled by misinformation, thus the speakers Dr. Katrine Camilleri, Assistant Director of the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) and Dr. Ruth Farrugia as representative of the Church’s Emigrants’ Commission, will be shedding some light on the real situation.

The present debate in Malta is also leading to a misinterpretation of the Christian position on this issue. The Chaplaincy, therefore wishes to promote a true Christian response by presenting the most recent statements of the Church on the matter.

The Chaplaincy invites all Academic staff, so that through this discussion positive attitudes are strengthened and any unfounded fears about the issue are dispelled. If anyone would like further information about the meeting they are asked to contact the University Chaplaincy on chaplaincy@um.edu.mt, phone 2340 2341 or visit the website www.umchaplaincy.org.