High Profile Keynote Speakers at the Conference on the Lisbon Agenda and Competitiveness in Malta There will be four high profile keynote speakers at the upcoming conference on the Lisbon Agenda and Competitiveness in Malta, scheduled to be held at the Foundation for International Studies on 18 and 19 October 2005. All speakers have considerable experience on competitiveness issues. The speakers are:

Ms Eva Belabed, member of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) delegated by the Austrian Trade Union Federation. Her speech will focus on the Lisbon Agenda and the Knowledge Society, with reference to the European Model of Society and citizens' aspirations and expectations in this context.

Dr Eliawony J. Kisanga is a Deputy Director in the Economic Affairs Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat. He is the author of several books on Economic Issues for developing countries and has co-authored a book with Professor Briguglio on Economic Resilience of Small States. His speech will discuss competitiveness strategies for small states.

Mr Ahti Kuningas heads the Economic Development Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia. He will talk about "The Need for Enterprise Reform and Innovation for Economic Growth in a small state: The case of Estonia"

Dr Art Kovacic is a competitiveness expert from the Institute of Economic Research. His speech will deal with the Competitive Advantages of Slovenian economy and the Lisbon Strategy.

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