The Annual Synchronous Programming Workshop Between 21st and 25th November 2005, the Department of Computer Science and AI was hosting the Annual Synchronous Programming Workshop. This workshop has been held since 1994, and has been held in various countries, including France, Germany and Spain. The workshop participants included most of the major researchers in the field. Synchronous Programming is an approach within computing whereby special languages are used that allow a program to instantaneously and deterministically react to external events. This approach has been widely accepted by industrial companies amongst which are aircraft manufacturers, aerospace, electronics producers and semiconductor companies. Talks at the workshop included presentations of new extensions to synchronous languages and associated tools, formal semantics of non-synchronous languages and how these can be applied to reactive systems and optimisation techniques of standard problems in synchronous verification and modelling. The workshop was sponsored by the EU project Artist2, Go Mobile, Malta Tourism Authority and University of Malta. More information can be found at For more details, contact Dr Gordon Pace at