An Evening of Traditional Maltese Music ...... and Beyond with  'NAFRA' The University Gozo Centre will be organizing its annual summer activity, entitled "An Evening of Traditional Maltese MusicÍ.. and Beyond" with NAFRA on Saturday 3rd September 2005.

NAFRA is an acoustic ensemble featuring traditional Maltese instruments: zaqq (bagpipe), zummara (reed pipe), flejguta (cane flute), zafzafa (friction drum) and tambur (frame drum).

The performers will include:

  • Ruben Zahra: zaqq (Maltese bagpipe), zummara (reed pipe), flejguta (cane flute)
  • Daniel Cauchi: tanbur (frame drum), zafzafa (friction drum), drums
  • Mario Frendo: viola
  • Andrew Micallef: accordion
  • Tricia Dawn Williams: piano
  • Paul Borg: tuba

  • The event will take place at the Central Courtyard of the University Gozo Centre and will commence at 2000hrs. The entrance fee will be Lm2.50. Booking is open. Seats will be reserved on a first-come first-served basis.

    Those wishing to receive tickets for the show are kindly asked to contact the University Gozo Centre on Tel: 21564559, 21562054, Fax: 21564550, E-mail: or write to the University of Malta - Gozo Centre, Mgarr Road, Xewkija, Gozo VCT 111.