Work in Progress in the Social Studies - Refugees and Illegal Immigrants

The 9th annual seminar series, Work in Progress in the Social Studies, will be focussing on the problem of refugees and illegal immigrants over the next fortnight. On Wednesday 16 February, Dr. Ruth Farrugia (Faculty of Laws) will read a paper, From inmate to stalemate - the rejected asylum seeker. It focuses on rejected asylum seekers who after 18 months in detention find themselves free but without any status. They have no rights to work, medical assistance, educational support, or travel document. Where freed rejected asylum seekers are not repatriated what rights if any are left to them? Has the rejected asylum seeker traded shelter and protection (albeit substandard) for life on the street? 6.00-7.30 pm. Room 124 Mediterranean Institute near University Library by the Arvid Pardo Study Area behind HSBC on campus. On Wednesday 23 February there will be a symposium of anthropologists, Refugees and Immigrants ? the View from Anthropology. The chairman will be Mr. Ranier Fsadni and the speakers Dr. Paul Clough (The African Element), Dr. David Zammit (Legal Categories and Maltese Perceptions of Immigrants) and Dr. Mark Anthony Falzon (Immigration in a Globalizing World ? A Contradiction in Terms?). 6.00-7.30 pm (venue to be announced).

Dr. Paul Clough (Mediterranean Institute)
Dr. Vicki Ann Cremona (Mediterranean Institute)
Dr. Mark-Anthony Falzon (Faculty of Arts)
Professor Peter Mayo (Faculty of Education)
Dr. Carmelo Vassallo (Mediterranean Institute)