Work in Progress Seminars

On Wednesday 9 March the next seminar in the series Work in Progress in the Social Studies will be given by Dr. Sandro Caruana, Faculty of Education.  He will address the topic 'Attitudes of university students towards Maltese, English and Italian'. Dr. Caruana`s research focuses on the perception that first-year university students in the Faculties of Arts and Education have of the Maltese, English and Italian languages. This study forms part of a project coordinated by the university of the Basque Country, Spain, regarding attitudes towards languages in European countries in which there is contact between three languages. Data collected locally from almost 200 university students, will be discussed in the light of past research on the Maltese multilingual context. Students' attitudes towards the three languages will be considered in relation to a number of factors, including mother tongue, gender, schooling and parental occupation. 6-7.30 pm. Mediterranean Institute Room 124 opposite University Library by the Arvid Pardo Study Area behind HSBC on campus. Entrance from Carpark 4. The public is cordially welcome.