Play by Aldo Nicolaj at MITP The Italian Cultural Institute, Cooperativa Culturale Cinema Nuovo di Ragusa, and Koperattiva Kulturali Universitarja (KKU) will be presenting a play, by Italian Drammaturgist, Aldo Nicolaj at the MITP in Valletta next weekend, 6th and 7th October at 2000hrs. The play, which is supported by Corinthia Palace Hotel, is being organized as part of the Malta Historic Cities Festival.

The play is based on two theatrical texts by Aldo Nicolaj, a one-act play ‘Belvedere’ and a comedy ‘Non era la Quinta, Non era la Nona’. This one-hour 30minute play is produced by Gruppo Teatrale G.o.D.o.T, with actors Federica Bisegna and Vittorio Bonaccorso.

Belvedere’ recounts the story of an employee who encounters a woman who is about to commit suicide. With great effort he succeeds in convincing her not to kill herself. But the conversation which emerges makes him realize the truth about himself. He discovers that he is a failure as a man, husband and also as a father, exploited by an unfaithful wife and by his ungrateful children…..

A dynamic and determined woman comes into the life of a bachelor with the violence of a cyclone, in ‘Non era la Quinta, Non era la Nona’. First she smashes his car, then, while giving him a lift, causes an accident. She is not harmed but he ends up in hospital. She also manages to have him sent to gaol by declaring that it was he who was driving. When he comes out from prison, he finds her in his house and she becomes his lover. Once she succeeds in arousing his passion, she tries to convince him to assassinate her husband. But not everything goes according to Eva’s plans and the last act reserves a surprise.

Tickets may be purchased from Sapienza’s bookshop in Valletta, Agenda on Campus or at the door. For further details phone KKU’s office on 21 343562.