The Department of Computer Information Systems engaged in MSDYNAA Program Microsoft has engaged the Department of Computer Information Systems in its Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance (MSDYNAA) Program. The goal of this program is to provide a practical complement to academic business course curriculum and prepare students for their careers through hands-on learning that will reinforce business theory.

As a member of the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance, Microsoft has provided the Department of Computer Information Systems with several free licenses of Microsoft Dynamics business software including Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft. Together with the University itself and other entities, Microsoft, with its local NAV partner IBS Ltd, has helped the Department set up a Business Solutions Lab which will be used by students reading IT and Business-related degrees. In addition several faculty members from the Department of Computer Information Systems as well as from FEMA have been provided with in-depth training on the software.

The Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance also provides members with a shared repository of information that is used by academics to exchange and share information such as curricula, best practices, strategies, and perspectives with other members. This is designed to connect educators who are leaders in their field, passionate about technology, and dedicated to the success of their students. Other members of this program include Carnegie-Mellon University and George Mason University. Microsoft will also be part-sponsoring the development of appropriate curricula to be used in local courses and shared on this shared site.

The above is one of a series of activities between Microsoft and the University over the past few months. Other initiatives include the sponsoring of three faculty members to participate at MSR Academic Days which is an event organized by Microsoft Research for academic researchers to discuss computing challenges and research trends. Technical training for eight faculty members on Microsoft .NET technologies has also been provided and free Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 application platform tools for use in the computing labs has been made available. This was followed by enrolment in the Microsoft MSDN Academic Alliance. Microsoft also sponsored the participation of three students in the Microsoft Imagine Cup Worldwide Competition 2006 in India after the Maltese team won the regional competition between universities in Malta, Cyprus, Lebanon and Jordan.