The Launching of Criminology in Malta: Criminology Short Courses The Institute of Forensic Studies is aware that the concept of criminology is still nebulous in many people’s minds. Many seem to be wrongly convinced that criminology can only be of use in law enforcement. In fact, even a cursory look at the contents of criminology courses would reveal that a first degree in criminology would be very beneficial to people with careers in very different spheres ranging from: education, community/social work, youth work, victim-handling, journalism, corrections, crime-prevention to security, private investigation and law enforcement.

This has prompted the Institute of Forensic Studies to embark on ‘a criminology-awareness campaign’. Consequently, the Institute will be offering a series of short courses (in English) to the general public. Mr Andrew Willis (senior lecturer/Criminologist at Leicester University, UK), Dr Josanne Holloway (Forensic Psychiatrist, senior lecturer at Manchester University, UK) and Professor Peter Ruzsonyi (Head of the Department of Correctional Studies at the Hungarian Police College) will be our guest lecturers:

Crime and Criminology: An Introduction 6th and 7th March (1700hrs– 2100hrs)
(Lecturer: Mr Andrew Willis – Senior Lecturer at Leicester University)
Venue: University of Malta Fee: Lm10

Mental Health and Crime 20th and 21st March (1700hrs– 2100hrs)
(Lecturer: Dr Josanne Holloway – Senior Lecturer at Manchester University)
Venue: University of Malta Fee: Lm10

Juvenile Delinquency mid-May (details to be provided later)
(Lecturer: Prof. Peter Ruzsonyi – Police College Hungary
Venue: University of Malta Fee: Lm10

Those interested should contact the Institute of Forensic Studies on: 23402042/1 or by email on: or