Research Work on Atmospheric Chemistry Dr Raymond Ellul of the Physics Department of the University of Malta attended the Joint CACGP/IGAC/WMO symposium held in Cape Town, South Africa from the 17 to the 22 September 2006.

The principal theme of this symposium was “Atmospheric Chemistry at the Interfaces”. This symposium is convened only once every four years and is a major meeting point for experts in the Atmospheric Sciences .

Dr Ellul presented work which has been the subject of intense investigation by himself and co workers Mr Martin Saliba, Dr Liberato Camilleri and Dr Hans Guesten over the past year. Another Paper was also presented by Dr Pavlos Kalabokas of the Athens research centre for Atmospheric Physics and Climatology concerning cooperative work between the two institutions.

The two papers are titled:

A nine year study of background ozone concentrations on the island of Gozo in the Central Mediterranean.
M Saliba, R Ellul, H Guesten, L Camilleri.

An investigation of the factors influencing the rural surface ozone levels in the Eastern Mediterranean (Malta, Greece, Cyprus).
P. Kalabokas, R. Ellul, E. Gerasopoulos, N. Mihalopoulos, S. Kleanthous.

Short form copies of the papers may be obtained by e mailing Dr Ellul on

The work is part of many international experimental programs being carried out by the Physics department Atmospheric Physics research group. One other current major investigation involves the analysis of Persistent Organic Pollutants at 100 sites in Europe including the Giordan lighthouse Global atmospheric Watch site on Gozo in conjunction with the Norwegian Institute for Air Research.

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