Evenings on Campus - Cantastorie History is marked by a revival of story telling, however it is sometimes not realized that it is real art. Evenings on Campus this year will be presenting Luigi di Pino and his four-element band next Wednesday 26 th July at 8.30pm.

Luigi di Pino presents a contemporary version of traditional Sicilian story telling. The performance involves Luigi di Pino at the guitar and as vocalist, Rosario Moschitta at the mandolin and as vocalist, Pierre Paolo Alberghini at the double bass, Simona di Gregorio at the mouth organ, flute, castanettes, Kalimba and also as vocalist, together with Davide Urso at the tambourine and percussion.

Sicilian story telling is famous throughout the world as among the most effective. Full use is made of all the resources of narration – song, mimicry, use of colourful props painting and sounds abstracted for the environment. The style is often tragicomic. It is clearly the result of the meeting of two cultures – the Latin and the Arab.

The story telling is done in the traditional Sicilian setting. There is a hand-painted backdrop which shows Mount Etna. The volcano is a symbol of the violent eruptions of the passions that are typical of Mediterranean story-telling. Among the stories performed, some concern ‘Giufa’, the name by which Gahan is known in Sicily.

Everyone is invited to this open-air activity which is to be held at the University of Malta, Atriju Vassalli (in front of Students’ House), Msida, on Wednesday 26 th July, at 8.30pm. Tickets can be purchased at the price of Lm3 at the door, or by logging on www.teatrumanoel.com.mt. For any information, please call at the KKU office on 21 343562 or 2340 3080.