Graduation Ceremonies 2006 This year’s graduation ceremonies are divided into Postgraduate, at the Jesuits’ Church and the Aula Magna of the Old University in Valletta, and Undergraduate ceremonies at the Sir Temi Zammit Hall on campus.

During the four Postgraduate ceremonies parents and guests were seated in the Jesuits’ Church in Valletta. The Academic Body robed at the Foundation for Iinternationa.Studies and then processed down the steps of the Old University, around the block, which is decked with decorations and street lights. The Graduands, seated in the Aula Magna followed the ceremony by means of a big screen connection with the Church below. In the Church there was an audio connection with the Aula Magna. The ceremonies included the Oration by an Academic and a Speech by a Graduand, as well as some musical interludes provided by the University Vocal Ensemble and a small string orchestra.

List of Graduation Ceremonies and Orators

Postgraduate Ceremonies

Tuesday, 28th November 2006 at 1630hrs
Academic: Professor Carmel Mallia
Graduand: Fr Edward Xuereb (graduating: Doctor of Sacred Theology, S.Th.D.)

Wednesday, 29th November 2006 at 1630hrs
Academic: Dr Joseph Azzopardi
Graduand: Mr Gordon Cordina (graduating: Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D.)

Thursday, 30th November 2006 at 1630hrs
Academic: Dr Ivan Callus
Graduand: Mr Stephen Spiteri (graduating: Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D.)

Friday, 1st December 2006 at 1630hrs
Academic: Dr Ruth Farrugia
Graduand: Ms Anjelica Camilleri De Marco (graduating: Doctor of Laws LLD.)

Undergraduate Ceremonies

Academic Orator: Dr Maureen Cole

Monday, 4th December 2006

at 1430hrs
Graduand: Kevin Muscat B.Eng.(Hons)

at 1630hrs
Graduand: Karys Caruana B.E.&A.(Hons)

Graduand: Michael Spagnol B.A.(Hons)

Tuesday, 5th December 2006

at 1630hrs
Graduand: Francesca Buttigieg B.Pharm.(Hons)

at 1830hrs
Graduand: Kurt Vella Fonde B.A.(Hons) European Studies

Wednesday, 6th December 2006

at 1630hrs
Graduand: Michael Formosa, B.Accountancy(Hons)

at 1830hrs
Graduand: Therese Mifsud, B.Com.

Thursday, 7th December 2006

at 1430hrs
Graduand: Ms Christine Camilleri, B.A.(Hons.) Social Admin/Work

at 1630hrs
Graduand: Mr Matthew Castillo, B.Com.(Hons.) Management

at 1830hrs
Graduand: Mr Joseph C. Gilson, B.Ed.(Hons.)

Monday, 11th December 2006

at 1630hrs
Graduand: Ms Moira Cachia, B.Psy.(Hons.)

at 1830hrs
Graduand: Ms Fleur Bianco, B.A.(Hons.) Youth & Community Studies

Tuesday, 12th December 2006

at 1830hrs
Graduand: Mr Joseph Attard, Dip. Notary Public

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