Atmospheric Forecast for the Maltese Islands The Physical Oceanography Unit at the IOI-Malta Operational Centre (University of Malta) has recently started producing forecasts of air temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction, and precipitation covering the whole Mediterranean Basin and with higher resolution over the Central Mediterranean including the area around the Maltese Islands. This forecast can be accessed by visiting our webpage at .

Forecasts are useful for many purposes. Unfavourable conditions at sea often cause considerable delays in marine transportation and higher operational costs and fuel consumption. The forecasting of wind, sea state and currents permits an anticipated assessment for optimisation of routes to enable the most convenient navigation at lowest costs, minimal risks to the environment and highest safety to crew, passengers and cargo.

This initiative is conducted within the Interreg IIIB MEDOCC project entitled Weatherrouting dans la Méditerranée (WERMED). An ensemble of atmospheric forecasts can be accessed from the project website on .

If you wish to further avail of meteo-ocean services from other local and Mediterranean agencies please take a look at our Malta Page on Operational Oceanography  ( ) which provides a one-stop portal to a range of additional products including atmospheric and sea wave forecasts.

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