Awards Presentation Night of “Youth & the Oceans – The Artworks Competition” The winners of “Youth and the Oceans – The Artworks Competition” were presented with fabulous prizes during the Awards Presentation Night which was held at Sundown Court Leisure Resort, Kappara on Sunday, 12th November. This event was held in conjunction with the Opening of the IOI-Malta training course on Regional Ocean Governance for mid-career professionals from the Mediterranean and Eastern European countries.

First and second prizes were awarded for each of the two categories, Ages 5 to 10 and Ages 11 to 15, together with a number of token gifts. Prizes awarded included Play Station Players, MP3 players, digital cameras, art books and educational software.

This local painting competition provided the younger generations with the opportunity to use their creative and artistic abilities, to put forward specific messages that relate to the sea, and to make their name and talents known. The best artworks have been on display on the IOI-Kids website ( and were on exhibit during the above event.

Twenty-four of the best 30 submitted artworks, including all winning ones, are now also participating in an international competition for possible publication in the International Ocean Institute’s “Children and the Sea” album, which will be distributed worldwide.

More information about this competition together with pictures of the best 30 artworks can be viewed online on the IOI-Kids website (, which seeks to present knowledge on the marine environment in an appealing form to children and teenagers. The competition was organized by the IOI-Malta Operational Centre of the University of Malta, which undertakes research and studies related to the sea, promotes education, training and public awareness as well as provides services in physical oceanography.