The 8th Biennial Meeting of the International Quantum Structure Association (IQSA) The 8th Biennial Meeting of the International Quantum Structure Association (IQSA) took place at the Plaza Hotel in Sliema, Malta, 9-14 July, 2006. There were 87 participants from outside of Malta, and 2 participants from Malta, giving a total of 89 participants from 20 countries. As in former IQSA conferences, the objective of the conference was to encourage communication between mathematicians, physicists and computer scientists throughout the world whose research is related to quantum structures and their applications in mathematics, quantum mechanics, quantum measurements, quantum computation, philosophy of quantum mechanics, quantum probability, etc.

The conference was organized by the IQSA, the Mathematical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and the University of Malta. Opening speeches were given by the local organizer, Dr. David Buhagiar, the Pro-Rector of the University of Malta, Dr. Richard Muscat and the former President of the IQSA, Prof. Anatolij Dvurecenskij (Slovakia).

The IQSA Young Scholar Awards for scientific achievement were awarded on Thursday morning. This year there were three awards given to Dr. Emmanuel Chetcuti (Malta), Dr. Teiko Heinonen (Finland) and Dr. Gejza Jenca (Slovakia). The awards were presented by Prof. Anton Buhagiar, Head of the Mathematics Department, University of Malta.

The IQSA elections for the year 2006-08 took place on Thursday afternoon; Prof. Mirko Navara (Czech Republic) was elected President of the IQSA.

Photo (from left to right): Prof. J. Hamhalter (Czech Republic), Dr E. Chetcuti (Malta), Dr D. Buhagiar (Malta), Prof. C.M. Edwards (U.K.) during the conference reception on Thursday evening.