Election to European Epilepsy Academy At the 7th European Congress on Epileptology held in Helsinki, Finland, earlier this month, Dr Janet Mifsud, Senior Lecturer, Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics was re-elected General Secretary to the European Epilepsy Academy, EUREPA.

The European Epilepsy Academy is the educational arm of European Advisory Council (EAC) and the Commission on European Affairs of the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE). It takes responsibility for improving epileptological knowledge and consequently the quality of care throughout Europe. It is building up a network of co-ordinated, certified epileptological education activities throughout Europe and offers and develops distance education courses via the e-learning platform Virtual Epilepsy Academy - VirEpA.

EUREPA also initiates and co-ordinates concerted research on matters relating to epilepsy, which are particularly well-suited for supranational European action.
Dr Mifsud is in fact also presently the co-ordinator of the project "Curricular education for PAMs working in the field of epilepsy", which is funded by the Socrates - Grundtvig 2 programme of the EU with partners from Germany and Hungary. This project, which has just had its funding confirmed for the third year, involves the development of the pedagogical skills needed for both individual and organized learning and the promotion of strategies for change in this educational sphere of adult learning, which to date has been very fragmented. The main methods used were e-learning, elements of the moderation method, group work and Problem Based Learning. This also ensures that PAMs use and disseminate up-to-date teaching methodology. Last month two information and interactive seminars were held in Malta and Gozo in order to pilot the first outcomes of the project.