A New Publication edited by Dr Keith Sciberras Melchiorre Cafà: Maltese Genius of the Roman Baroque, a new publication edited by Dr Keith Sciberras, Lecturer in the University’s Arts Programme, and published by Midsea Books Ltd., will be launched next week at the University of Malta under the distinguished patronage of the H.E. Edward Fenech Adami, President of the Republic.

Melchiorre Cafà’s contribution to the story of Roman Baroque Sculpture has long attracted the attention of scholars and art-lovers, drawn by a combination of both respect and admiration for what the artist managed to produce in such a short working life.

This publication is the first truly collective attempt to study the work of Melchiorre Cafà. In a variety of studies, it discusses specific and synoptic issues related to his oeuvre. These are especially concerned with placing the artist’s work within the wider contexts of stylistic and patronage patterns and includes important studies dedicated to the critical reception (or fortuna critica) reserved to his work, to bibliographic surveys, and to scientific, technical, and conservation aspects. It also presents a check-list of works by (or attributed to) the artist; this check-list aims at establishing a critical repertory of his oeuvre.

This publication has contributions from leading international academics, scholars, and conservators in the field of Baroque Sculpture: Alessandra Anselmi, John Azzopardi, Maria Giulia Barberini, Gerhard Bissell, Angela Cipriani, Elena Bianca Di Gioia, Sante Guido, Jennifer Montagu, Tomaso Montanari, Louise Rice, Tony Sigel, and Keith Sciberras.