Lend a Hand 2006 For the seventh consecutive year, the Justice Commitment Group within the Chaplaincy at University is inviting University staff, students and friends to ‘Lend a Hand’ this summer. Three varied opportunities are being offered. The first is to help out within a Literacy Programme at the Paulo Freire Institute in Zejtun. This Institute was established by the Society of Jesus to promote literacy and community development. Volunteers need to be willing to dedicate two hours twice a week to teach basic English and Maltese (and possibly other subjects such as mathematics, computer studies etc.) to adults or children on a one-to-one basis. It will take place on Mondays and Thursdays in the 6 weeks from mid-June up to the end of July and/or in the 6 weeks from the second week of August up to the end of September. The qualifications necessary to help out is a good mastery of the basics in English and Maltese.

The second option is to accompany refugees at the Marsa Open Centre, either through visiting them or also teaching them basic English. This opportunity is mostly open for French speaking university students and staff. However, if one is not fluent in French, one can accompany non-French speaking refugees.

A third opportunity invites students to get involved in a summer school for refugee children. This summer school will be held for 4 weeks from mid-July to mid-August. Throughout the experience the volunteers live together as a community, basing the experience on the charisma of the Missionaries of Charity. During the day, crafts and games are organized to help the children have a good time in summer.

If you have a generous heart and willingness to share your gifts with others, and to receive what others can give to you, then you are well prepared for these experiences. Send an email to chaplaincy@um.edu.mt or phone 2340 2341 and discover a miraculous way of multiplying your talents and gifts for others!