Lenten Reflections at University The Chaplaincy of the University of Malta has issued its programme of activities for Lent and the months of May and June. There will be three sessions of Lenten Reflections (Ezercizzi) during this Lenten Season. The reflections for University students will be conducted by Fr. Hilary Tagliaferro OSA. Fr. Hilary will be focusing on the different forms of love in our life, with special reference to the love of God which when discovered will bring life to the full (Jn 10, 10). This session of reflections will be held from Monday 20 th March to Friday 24 th March at 19:30hrs at the University Chapel.

There will be two sessions of reflections for University staff. The ones in Maltese, by Fr John Avellino, will be held in the University Chapel during lunch break at 12:35hrs from 20 th to 24 th March. The sessions in English, “Rediscovering our Roots – The character of Catholicism”, also open to all professionals, will be conducted by Fr John McDade sj. Fr McDade will emphasize certain aspects about the Church which have been lost or forgotten. He will reflect on the earliest Christian community as well as the relationship between the Church and the Jewish People.

These three sessions of reflections will be held during the first three days of Holy Week - from 10 th to 12 th April, at the University Chapel at 19:30hrs. For more information, please contact the University Chaplaincy on 2340 2341, chaplaincy@um.edu.mt or visit www.umchaplaincy.org