More Maltese Interpreters pass Accreditation Tests to work for EU Institutions After the success last year of four Maltese interpreters who passed accreditation tests in Brussels after a one year scholarship at Westminster University in the U.K., it was now the turn of five more students who studied at the Faculty of Arts for the first ever Post Graduate Diploma in Interpreting. In all, ten students spent a three week intensive course in Brussels hosted by SCIC, the official body of interpreters for the Commission. The course was made possible thanks to the intensive contacts that the Course Director, Prof. Joseph Eynaud, has made with officials in the interpreting departments both at the Commission and the European Parliament. This success story is due as well to Mr Preben Saugstrup, Head of the Maltese Interpreting Unit at the Commission, who not only organised the top-up course in Brussels, but also constantly monitored the course in Malta, sending expert interpreters to help in the running of the course with the European Commission and the European Parliament sustaining all the costs. The Maltese Booth can now boast of nine new young Maltese interpreters who join the seven "old timers". The second postgraduate course in Interpreting has just started at the Faculty of Arts along side the 4th postgraduate course in Translation Studies. Many students graduating in Translation Studies are also quickly finding jobs in EU Institutions in Luxembourg and Brussels. The number of Translators now totals nearly 80, which means that the Faculty of Arts in just 3 years has gone a long way towards filling the void in these two completely new areas of study for the University of Malta.

The five successful student interpreters are: Nadia Saliba, Gabriella Cilia, Daniela Scerri, Karla Brincat, Nicola Mangani.

Communications Office
14 October 2006