Literature and Comparison Seminar Series - 22 May 2006 The concluding lecture in the Literature and Comparison Seminar Series for the academic year 2006-2007 will be held on Monday 22 May at 18:00hrs in Gateway Hall C. Dr Maria Angela Gatti will deliver a paper entitled “Il motivo della castità insidiata tra epica, letteratura sapienziale e tragedia: quando “il casto” è un lui.”

The paper will focus on the separate fates of Joseph, Bellerophon, and Hippolytus: a biblical patriarch and two heroes of Greek myth, all of whom fall victim to an unjust accusation triggered by their beauty and triggering, in turn, the determination to defend their chastity. The lecture will consider patterns of similarity and contrast in these three stories from antiquity, which run through the Greek, Judaic, and Latin cultures. It will also consider the three very different endings, and the significance of the stories being cast in the very different literary forms of epic poetry, sapiential literature, and tragedy. A discussion will follow the talk.

Dr Gatti is Lettore in Italian in the Department of Italian within the Faculty of Arts. She earned her laurea in Lettere Classiche from the University of Padova with a dissertation on Near Eastern archeology. After teaching Greek and Latin in Venice for ten years, she worked as “lettore” at Guangdong University for Foreign Studies in Guangzhou ( Canton) in China, where she taught Italian for two years. Subsequently, she spent three years at the University of Benghazi in Libya where she also taught Italian. Her main areas of research include the comparative study of antique, classical, and Near Eastern literatures and Biblical studies.