German Translation of Prof. Peter Mayo's Book TThe German publishing house, Argument Verlag, well known for its social theory journal, Das Argument, has just published Politische Bildung bei Antonio Gramsci und Paulo Freire. Perpectiven Einer Verandernden Praxis. This is the German translation of Professor Peter Mayo's 1999 book, Gramsci, Freire and Adult Education. Possibilities for Transformative Action (Zed Books). The translation was carried out by Professor Uwe Hirschfeld who also wrote an additional chapter dealing with Gramsci, Freire and Brecht. Professor Heinz Suenker, from the University of Wuppertal, wrote the Foreword to the German version of the book.

This book will be used as a text for the first time at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz when Professor Mayo teaches, later this month, a 10 hr block seminar,'Critical Approaches to Education,' on an Erasmus Teacher Mobility Exchange visit. While Professor Mayo will be teaching the course in English, the German students can use the German version of his book as the main text. This is the third translation of Professor Mayo's book which was earlier published in Catalan by CREC Valencia and later in Portuguese by the Brazilian publishing house, ArtMed of Porto Alegre. Later this year, the Italian translation of this book will be released by the Sardinian publishing house, Carlo Delfino Editore.

The original English version of the book went into reprint and was reviewed in around 20 academic refereed journals including the Harvard Educational Review, Interchange (which carried a review symposium), Comparative Education Review, International Studies in Sociology of Education and Journal of Mediterranean Studies.

His follow up book, Liberating Praxis (Praeger, 2004) won a 2005 American Educational Studies Association (AESA) Critics' Choice Award.
Professor Mayo's latest book (co-authored with Dr Carmel Borg), Learning and Social Differences. Challenges to Public Education and Critical Pedagogy (Paradigm, Boulder-Colorado) will be published later this year.