Masters in Information Technology (M.I.T.) Course The Board of Studies of IT at the University of Malta opens a Masters in Information Technology course commencing in October 2006.

This part-time three-year course is a "cross disciplinary" Masters course offering a wide selection of IT study-units from various areas of information technology aimed to boost careers of professionals or to enhance chances of employment with modern companies stressing the use of IT. It is aimed at those who have not studied Information Technology as such but need to apply it in their field of work, study and research. To mention a few, the course is very suitable for Physicists, Biologists, Chemists, Architects, Lawyers, Medical doctors, Psychologists, Teachers, Linguists, etc. Applicants have to be University graduates possessing a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent).

Reference can be made to the following web address, updated recently, for more information:

For further details, please contact Ms May F. Bezzina, Faculty Officer, Faculty of Science, University of Malta, Tel. 2340-2251, e-mail: