Mediterranean Journal of Human Rights Volume 9 No. 2 The latest issue of the Mediterranean Journal of Human Rights, Volume 9 no 2 has now been published.  This edition contains many articles on various Human Rights topics by both Maltese and foreign contributors.  Such articles as "The Right against Self Incrimination under Maltese Law with particular Reference to the Official Secrets Act", "Protecting the Right to Secrecy of Correspondence",  "Rethinking Humanitarian Intervention in Bosnia and Kosovo:  Lessons to be Learnt", "Human Rights Implications of Protecting the Matrimonial Home", "Diversity or Commonality? The Power to Toss the Human Rights Coin",  - and more titles, make this journal worth reading.  For further information contact the Faculty of Laws on 2340 2785.  Back copies of the journal are also available.

The following book by Professor Salvo Ando is available for sale at the Faculty of Laws:  "La Difficile 'Supremazia' della Costituzione Maltese".