Malta Medical Journal 2006, Issue 3 The third issue of the Malta Medical Journal for 2006 has been recently published and is available online at The journal is the official publication of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. It has a number of research articles, clinical review papers, case presentations, clinical practice articles and animal research studies. The editorial deals with the problem of medical education and the national healthcare needs. Review articles address the recent advances in ophthalmology and on cement-derived materials used in dentistry. Research articles include a study assessing the effectiveness of screening for cervical malignancy, and a short study assessing the costs of treating ear wax. Animal research contribution assess the effects of chronic buproprion and nicotine administration on cell genesis and DNA fragmentation in adult rat dentate gyrus. The clinical case presentation deals with a case of bilateral microform cleft lip; while the clinical practice article deals with the problem of hypertension. Finally, on a lighter note is a historical article dealing with various petitions made by general practitioners during the period 1632-1732.