New Rector takes up office at the University of Malta

Professor Juanito Camilleri, the Rector of the University of Malta, who officially took office on 1 July, had meetings today with the President, H.E. Dr Edward Fenech Adami; the Prime Minister, the Hon. Dr Lawrence Gonzi and the Minister of Education, Youth and Employment, the Hon. Dr Louis Galea. Professor Camilleri will also be meeting the Archbishop, H.G. Mgr Joseph Mercieca and the Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Dr Alfred Sant in the coming days.

Speaking about his vision for the University, Professor Camilleri stated:
“With a legacy that finds its roots in the late 16th century, and with the broad array of modern-day disciplines that have evolved since, the University of Malta must continue to establish itself as a leading and distinguished centre of teaching and research in the Mediterranean, at the southern-most flank of the European Union. The University must continue to help us Maltese refine our sense of identity, our values, and our vision as a nation. It must enhance the country’s human-capital by imparting to its students not only the practical skills and knowledge which are necessary to drive and expand our economy, but also with a world vision, a spirit of entrepreneurship, and with a capacity for innovation and scholarship. In short, I believe that the University has three “lines-of-purpose”, namely: teaching, research and services to the community business and industry. I plan to consult my peers and other national stakeholders in the coming months to identify the best way of strengthening the University on these three fronts.”

Tomorrow (04.07.06), the new Rector will be welcomed on campus, by the Chancellor, Professor John Rizzo Naudi and the Pro-Chancellor, Professor David Attard. Afterwards, Professor Camilleri will introduce the new Pro-Rectors to the deans of faculty, directors of centres and institutes and the University’s Principal Officers.

The Pro-Rectors chosen will assist the Rector in the general day-to-day running of the University and respectively, they will be focusing on specific aspects of University affairs. Dr Mary Anne Lauri will be Pro-Rector for Student and Institutional Affairs; Professor Richard Muscat will be Pro-Rector for Research and Innovation and Professor Alfred Vella will be Pro-Rector for Academic Programmes.

The appointment of the Pro-Rectors, in accordance with the Education Act, commenced on 1 July for an initial of period of one year.

Speaking about his choice, Professor Camilleri stated:
“For the very first time in its distinguished history, the University will have a female Pro-Rector who will be dedicating most of her time to ensuring the well-being of students. Being an established professional psychologist who is both approachable and very practical, I feel that Dr Lauri of the Faculty of Education will undoubtedly help the University become more responsive to student needs.”

“I chose Professor Muscat of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery because I see in him an excellent young talent who can straddle the worlds of Science and the Arts and I am sure that the energy and creativity he has demonstrated in the past years in his personal research will serve the University in its bid to infuse a spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship in its psyche in all disciplines.”

“The choice of Professor Alfred Vella of the Faculty of Science as Pro-Rector for Academic Programmes was very natural for me given the respect that he commands in Senate and amongst his peers. I believe that Professor Vella’s experience in dealing with course regulations and faculty affairs makes him particularly suitable to assist me in the development of the range and content of the University’s postgraduate as well as undergraduate programmes of study,” concluded Professor Camilleri.

Communications Office
03 July 2006