The Special Needs Unit Dyslexia Assessment Research Project (D.A.R.P.) On the 21st June 2006, the Special Needs Unit of the University of Malta is launching the Dyslexia Assessment Research Project (D.A.R.P.). The specific objectives of the project are to establish what an assessment procedure for dyslexia should be like, to develop standardized tests for dyslexia for different age groups of the Maltese population and to develop a system which will allow the certification of difficulties in respect of Maltese and English when assessing bi-lingual persons in different age groups.

This project will be divided into a number of stages. The first stage will be launched through a seminar that aims to bring all interested professionals, parents and other interested parties together to establish how best to engage themselves. The seminar will seek to clarify the methodological, technical and financial issues that are involved in the creation and validation of tests.

The second stage would consist of the creation of a set of instruments that would need to be standardised and validated for the Maltese population. On the basis of the findings of the second stage a valid set of tests will be made available for assessment of literacy skills in Maltese learners. This will be the third stage, as a result of which Malta will start to benefit from an assessment procedure for dyslexia that takes into consideration all the relative factors that come in to play in the development of literacy in Maltese society. Attached please find the programme and objectives of the seminar.

It would be appreciated if you could kindly inform a journalist from your media organisation of this activity to be held on Wednesday 21st June 2006 at the Conference Room (Student House) at the University between 8:30 am and 12:45 pm. Their presence will be most welcome at any time of the seminar. For more information about DARP the Special Needs Unit can be contacted on or 79251012 or 2340 2557.

The objectives and programme are available at: