IHC participates in TUNING Programme Different faculties and departments may be interested in the Final Report of the Pilot Project-Phase 2 of the TUNING Programme. TUNING Educational Structures in Europe is the contribution to the Bologna Process by 135 reputed European Higher Education Institutions in 27 countries so far. The University of Malta has been represented through Nursing Studies, Institute of Health Care. The report contains issues of curriculum design development and delivery as well as background information on the project itself and some indepth materials for selected subject areas. There is also a goldmine of relevant websites and bibliography. Business Administration, Chemistry, Earth Sciences (Geology), Education Sciences, History, Mathematics, Physics and European Studies are the subject areas that have been included during this phase. Currently the project has moved on to Phase 3 and has greatly expanded its activities. Phase 3 will shortly be coming to an end, to be followed by Phase 4.

The book can be downloaded from the Tuning website:

http://www.rug.nl/let/tuningeu and/or