Official from the University Consortium of Small Island States visits the University of Malta The University of Malta forms part of the University Consortium of Small Island States. The other partners are the University of the South Pacific, the University of the West Indies, the University of Mauritius and the University of the US Virgin Islands. One of the objectives of the consortium is to offer a Masters degree in islands and small states studies.

Currently visiting Malta is Dr Henry Smith Vice-provost at the University of the Virgin Islands to discuss the drawing up of a catalogue of study units for the master’s degree. The University of Malta already offers such a master’s degree and when the consortium degree is officially launched, the five member universities will be able to award the degree individually by drawing on each other’s catalogue of study units on islands and small states issues.

The consortium aims at improving information flows among members on course offerings, facilities, student needs and relevant documents and encouraging cooperative curriculum development, research, indigenous knowledge management and outreach in the key areas of vulnerability for Small Island Developing States to support resilience building. The consortium also aims at using the results of research on Small Island States and field projects to assemble curricula relevant to island development.

from left, Professor Lino Briguglio, Director of the Islands and Small States Institute,
Mr Anthony Gellel, Registrar of the University of Malta, and
Dr Henry Smith Vice-provost at the University of the Virgin Islands